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Sample: IntroFluentConfigBuilder

There is no need to create new Config type, you can simply use fluent interface.

Source code

using System;
using System.Security.Cryptography;
using BenchmarkDotNet.Attributes;
using BenchmarkDotNet.Configs;
using BenchmarkDotNet.Environments;
using BenchmarkDotNet.Jobs;
using BenchmarkDotNet.Running;
using BenchmarkDotNet.Validators;

namespace BenchmarkDotNet.Samples
    public class Algo_Md5VsSha256
        private const int N = 10000;
        private readonly byte[] data;

        private readonly MD5 md5 = MD5.Create();
        private readonly SHA256 sha256 = SHA256.Create();

        public Algo_Md5VsSha256()
            data = new byte[N];
            new Random(42).NextBytes(data);

        [Benchmark(Baseline = true)]
        public byte[] Md5() => md5.ComputeHash(data);

        public byte[] Sha256() => sha256.ComputeHash(data);

    public class IntroFluentConfigBuilder
        public static void Run()