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BenchmarkDotNet v0.13.7


This release contains important bug fixes listed below.

Milestone details

In the v0.13.7 scope, 12 issues were resolved and 13 pull requests were merged. This release includes 38 commits by 9 contributors.

Resolved issues (12)

  • #1773 Ability to recompile for each target runtime
  • #2311 Detect when MonoAOT compilation fails and abort the benchmark run
  • #2346 Can't use latest version of BenchmarkDotNet
  • #2356 Add tests for expected results (assignee: @timcassell)
  • #2364 Benchmark project using paket dependency manager fails to build auto-generated projects (assignee: @timcassell)
  • #2369 Unable to use variables for PackageReferences after #2347
  • #2373 Regression in parsing arguments with spaces (assignee: @kant2002)
  • #2377 Multiple nuget warnings/errors after moving to 0.13.6 breaking the build
  • #2378 BenchmarkDotNet requires dotnet cli to be installed
  • #2382 -p perf doesn't seem to work right with locally built runtime (assignee: @adamsitnik)
  • #2389 PlatformNotSupportedException thrown on Android in ConsoleTitler
  • #2391 Benchmark fails build with imported project

Merged pull requests (13)

Commits (38)

Contributors (9)

Thank you very much!

Additional details

Date: August 04, 2023

Milestone: v0.13.7 (List of commits)

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