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BenchmarkDotNet v0.13.5


  • Improved JitStatsDiagnoser. This diagnoser was added in v0.13.4, it shows various stats from the JIT compiler that were collected during entire benchmark run (amount of JITted methods, amount of tiered methods, how much memory JIT allocated during the benchmark). In this release, we improved metric collection (#2246, e715d5) and added the [JitStatsDiagnoser] attribute (#2250 512413).
  • Enable strong-named assemblies in the released NuGet packages #2258 #2263 5cd288
  • Avoid keeping referenced values returned from a benchmark in memory #1942 #2191 ff5dbe
  • Keep generated files when MSBuild bin log is requested #2252 #2254 d3fbc0
  • Add Id for UnresolvedDiagnoser (an exception fix) #2251 a992b5
  • Add brand names for Windows 22H2 and macOS 13 86f212 0c2699
  • Remove deprecated InProcessToolchain #2248 615384

Milestone details

In the v0.13.5 scope, 3 issues were resolved and 11 pull requests were merged. This release includes 16 commits by 4 contributors.

Resolved issues (3)

  • #1942 Consider changing Consume to not hold onto references for very long (assignee: @timcassell)
  • #2252 msbuild binlog for the benchmark projects gets cleaned up too, making diagnosis of build impossible (assignee: @adamsitnik)
  • #2258 Strong name validation failed

Merged pull requests (11)

Commits (16)

Contributors (4)

Thank you very much!

Additional details

Date: February 17, 2023

Milestone: v0.13.5 (List of commits)

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