Installing NuGet packages


We have the following set of NuGet packages (you can install it directly from

  • BenchmarkDotNet.Core: basic BenchmarkDotNet infrastructure and logic. Doesn't have any dependencies.
  • BenchmarkDotNet.Toolchains.Roslyn: a package that includes RoslynToolchain which adds an ability to build your benchmarks with the Roslyn compiler. Depends on a set of additional NuGet packages.
  • BenchmarkDotNet: an ultimate package that depends on BenchmarkDotNet.Core and BenchmarkDotNet.Toolchains.Roslyn: provides the BenchmarkRunner. In 99% of situations, you should start with this package.
  • BenchmarkDotNet.Diagnostics.Windows: an additional optional package that provides a set of Windows diagnosers.

Versioning system and feeds

We have 3 kinds of versions: stable, nightly, and develop. You can get the current version from the source code via BenchmarkDotNetInfo.FullVersion and the full title via BenchmarkDotNetInfo.FullTitle.


These versions are available from the official NuGet feed.

  <add key="" value="" protocolVersion="3" />
  • Example of the main NuGet package: BenchmarkDotNet.0.10.3.nupkg.
  • Example of BenchmarkDotNetInfo.FullTitle: BenchmarkDotNet v0.10.3.


If you want to use a nightly version of the BenchmarkDotNet, add the feed in the <packageSources> section of your NuGet.config:

  <add key="bdn-nightly" value="" />

Now you can install the packages from the bdn-nightly feed.

  • Example of the main NuGet package: BenchmarkDotNet.
  • Example of BenchmarkDotNetInfo.FullTitle: BenchmarkDotNet v0.10.3.13-nightly.


You also can build BenchmarkDotNet from source code. The .nupkg files could be build with the help of .\build\build-and-pack.cmd.

  • Example of the main NuGet package: BenchmarkDotNet.0.10.3-develop.nupkg.
  • Example of BenchmarkDotNetInfo.FullTitle: BenchmarkDotNet v0.10.3.20170304-develop.